4 basic steps for full, attractive lips lip care

Owning lovely, attractive lips is the eternal desire of every woman. 4 simple basic steps below will help you get it.

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Step 1. Exfoliate

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The first step to own lips become soft and plump as exfoliation. This step helps eliminate dark dead cells bringing fresh and charming look for the lips.

To exfoliate, you should use natural ingredients such as lemon, sugar, olive oil… and do it at least once / week. Rub in circular motions for 5-10 minutes to remove flaking dead skin cells sticking on your lips.


Step 2. Moisturize

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After exfoliation, apple moisturizing balm on your lips before bed and before applying lipstick. This step helps protect your lips from the lead of dedicated lipstick, at the same time creates the necessary moisture to the lips, prevents chappy and dryness.


Step 3. Use sunscreen

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Like the skin, your lips also should be protected from harmful effects of the sun. You can choose a lip balm with high SPF index to protect your lips, especially in the summer. It helps the lips avoid being dark and rough because of UV rays.


Step 4. Choose pretty lipstick color

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A standout lip color always attract the opposite se-x. For more prominent and radiant lips, you should bravely try orange, bright pink, magenta  lipsticks. Combining with this lip color, you should use ligher blush and eyeliner tones to avoid looking ridiculous.

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