Perfect hair dye using natural ingredients

Normal hair dyes can cause skin irritation, respiratory issues and even cancer. Why do not you dye your hair with natural ingredients?

>>> Perfect hair dye using natural ingredients

Hair dye toxic chemicals can entering your scalp, skin irritation, respiratory issues and even cancer. And yet millions of people still buy and use of chemical hair dyes. So why do you have to waste money that could bring health seriously affected, you absolutely can find ways to hair dye from natural materials, inexpensive and still protect the hair, as well as health?

1. Coffee

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If you want to dye black or brown hair, always remember to coffee. You can brew a cup of coffee very dark, cool and mix with two cups conditioner. Add to that two teaspoons of coffee powder and apply to clean hair. Then, rinse with apple cider vinegar, you will be surprised with the results amazing.

Believe it or not ? You just try and will never regret it. Repeat this twice a week, you'll have hair the color as you like and still very smooth.

 2. Tea

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Surely you will be very surprised to learn that tea can also give your hair beautiful colors. All you need to do is brew a strong tea warm, let it cool, then mix with dry hair conditioner. If you are looking for a diy hair does not harm scalp or hair dry, then tea is a great choice. Pour the mixture onto clean hair and enjoy the scenic beauty of the hair.

 3. Fresh Flowers

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To own brightly colored hair, you can seek the help of the flowers. Calendula, rose hip, marigold, hibiscus flowers can help you own brilliant red hair as you dreamed. Boil water the flowers about 30 minutes, let cool and apply to hair. You even can use the sun to dry the hair after being marinated in water, hair color will more special much.

 4. Herbs

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Herbs like nettle, rosemary, sage when cooked together for half an hour will become the natural dyes are good for the hair. Wait until the water from the cold herbs, which you get to shampooing and to about one to two hours. Want to keep long hair color, you can use black tea to wash after using herbal hair dye. You can repeat the process until the desired hair color

By: Wood Barnes

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