Use perilla to have beautiful skin from within

Perilla beautifies your skin from within, regenerate the skin and make it become more youthful, brighter. Besides, perilla when used regularly for a long time can heal acne, even hidden acne and reduce freckles, wrinkles… suitable for all skin types.

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Perilla contains many nutrients, vitamins A, C… nutrients Ca, Fe, P… very good for the whole body, especially the skin. This is also a precious herb that Japanese people have used since time immemorial to protect their health.

Perilla water

Drinking perilla water regularly every day will make your skin become smooth and bright. When you drink tea prepared from dried perilla leaves, you should drink slowly, take a small sip. Thus, nutrients from perilla will leach slowly into the body, stimulating metabolism and skin regeneration, making your skin youthful and beautiful.



Let perilla exposed to the sun until it's dry and cook tea, then drink as normal. You should drink perilla several times a day. Cooked perilla water is lightly scented, very easy to drink. Perilla water helps renew and regenerate skin constantly, improve dry skin and anti-aging.

However, because perilla water is hot (used to treat cold), it is suitable for use on cold days to avoid increasing body temperature.

Perilla bath

Perilla water bath is a safe skin whitening with lasting effect. It's useful in removing dead skin cells and enhance skin moisture. Your skin will became smooth, high elastic and whiter than before.


Boil both stems and perilla leaves (dried or fresh) in water for 15 minutes so nourishments in perilla melt in water. Add cold water for bathing. Perform regularly 4 times / week to achieve desired results.

Remember, like many other skin care herbs, while using perilla you should protect your skin carefully from the sun to reach the highest efficiency.


Perilla mask

Perilla is also a perfect drug for preventing and treating acne, has been widely used for skin care. Using perilla mask helps useful nutrients absorb your skin, treating acne, nourishing healthy skin cells, preventing dirt and harmful bacteria causing acne.

Perilla can cool down your skin from the inside, treat all kinds of acne and prevent acne from coming back. Also, perilla provides moisture to the skin, making your skin smooth and stretch.


Crush cleansed perilla leaves and apply a thin layer on your skin. Wait about 30 minutes or until the perilla layer is dry. Slowly remove perilla to not affect acne. Rinse with water.

After using perilla mask, you will feel cool and comfortable. Continue using for a few weeks to get rid of acne for good.

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