Ariana Grande Flaunt Her Engagement Ring with Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande are battling over who’s better at showing off — Pete proudly parading around his smoking hot fiancée, or Ariana flaunting her massive engagement ring.



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Pete and Ariana were arm-in-arm Monday in NYC — shopping for furniture, btw — and she made sure to keep her hand at the perfect tilt for photogs. Pretty obvious, she’s thrilled with Pete’s choice of ring.

Ariana Grande

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TMZ broke the story … Pete dropped $93k for the 3.03 carat diamond. As they say … if ya got it, flaunt it — especially when ya got 3 carats of it!

As for the furniture shopping? Ariana made it seem like they’ve already moved in together. We’d say that’s awfully quick, but remember … quick is how these 2 operate.

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