If You Think They’d Never Suit You, try to Wear Pastel Colours

The pastel trend would be describe as follows, marshmallow, rainbow, all soft colors, etc. These terms fit the season colors’ bill. We’ve seen it coming back many times, we love it and we can’t move on. However, how can we wear those colors? Do we have to be an extreme fashionista or any girl next door can pull it off? How can we avoid not going overboard? Well sweetie, I’ll tell you!

I love pastel colors since you have lots of choices with many shades. They transform your usual worn colors to something boring. Let’s be clear here that sporting orange nail polish isn’t what will work best. HOWEVER, having a shade of orange pastel applied on your nails, that gives a complete other look, way more fun than it seems! Without any further ado, here are a fews way to wear pastel colors:

Pastel Colours

Viva Luxury

Wearing a pastel colored pants would be the most timeless option. It can easily be worn with a neutral top; white, grey, black, etc. All depending on the chosen color! The most important thing to remember is you need to rock the outfit with confidence. Small tip: put on your trousers with pumps of the same color, but in a darker shade. Insured success!

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Pastel Colours

Enter the other side

Pastel Colours


The other timeless piece is without a doubt the woven top or even a sweater. Once again, you can pair it with a neutral bottom, such as white shorts. You can also pair it with a printed bottom which as the same color as the top (like the skirt). This second mix & match is for those who wish to dare a little bit more. I think the first solution (pastel top) would be more approachable for anyone. It’s more common and the simplest way to rock this trend.

Pastel Colours


Now, onto the blazer. This wear to wear pastel colors is obviously less common. Personally, I have a soft spot for the pastel blazer, but it doesn’t suit me the best. Nevertheless, it looks amazing! However, it won’t look as corporate as I wish, it would look more versatile than anything else. The trick is to wear very soft and light colors for it to work at the office. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the turquoise blazer. Yellow, lilac, blue are colors I can work with and go amazingly with this style.

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Pastel Colours

 Luv to Look

Pastel Colours

Garnet Hill

After we spoke about clothes comes the most important part: bags and shoes! Often, these are the two elements that have the most power into changing the outlook but we seem to ignore the potential. A pastel colored bag screams versatility and will go to perfection with pretty much anything! As for the shoes, we need to put a big more though into it. Pastel pumps, yes, they’ll look wonderful! I’m won’t be that enthusiast over a pair of powder pink wedges. However, I LOVE pastel colored Converse! I just love Converse, but if they are in any pastel colors, you got me wrap to your fingers. I pair them with anything! Even if I wear a complete other color, it will still look good! Meaning, if you doubted your lilac Converse would still look great paired with a blue tank top, I guarantee you’ll be amazed!

Pastel Colours

 Her Campus

Obviously, if we talk about pastel colors, we can’t go without speaking of lipstick: it changes the look in no time! You have to dare wearing bright lipstick at least once in your lifetime. If you feel less adventurous, you can simply add a cute pink pastel on your lips. Only that and you’ll look amazing!

Pastel Colours


If you love the pastel trend, but don’t feel that adventurous, you can simply opt for a nail polish! Multiple options are at your disposition, you can even try more than one color! I do it all the time! (I’m just so undecided that I wear everything at once)

Pastel Colours

 Hair Chalk

Attention, this last part is only for the ones who loves to push it further. I’m a complete fan of this way to adopt the pastel trend and I regularly use it. Meaning, pastel hair. You can wether colors the tips or everything, it’s up to you! Since I have blond hair, I prefer using pink. In fact, I have a soft spot for pastel pink! I even tried many other shades and I loved them all as well. In order add color to your hair, you can use Manic Panic or even hair chalk (they are selling these everywhere nowadays). Still then, you have to be in total confidence if you want to color your hair. So fly away little butterfly and rock the pastel trend like it’s no one’s business!

PS: For the love of god don’t wear ALL PASTEL ideas at the SAME TIME… insured marshmallow effect.

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