8 health problems you can solve easily with hot ginger water

Don't be to rush finding a pharmacy or hospital. Try hot ginger water while suffering from the following diseases, you may be surprised by its performance.

Mouth sores

Use fresh ginger drink water and gargle 2-3 times a day, the sores will go away quickly.


When a sudden increase in blood pressure, can be used fresh ginger hot water foot bath for 15-20 minutes. Hot ginger water through the nerves of the feet will cause dilated veins in which blood pressure is slowly lowered.

 Smelly feet

Add a little salt and vinegar in hot ginger water, then soak feet for 15 minutes, dry, airy foot, the odor will disappear naturally.

hot ginger water

 Back pain and shoulder pain

Use hot ginger water add salt and vinegar. A cloth dipped in the mixture of fresh ginger, honey and vinegar on the sore spot several times to help relieve pain effectively.


Cut fresh ginger into small pieces or pound, then covered them on the scalp for 10-15 minutes, finally rinse hot ginger water thoroughly.


Wash your face regularly with hot ginger water every morning and evening for 60 consecutive days with effect make skin ruddy face, pale and lack of quality, lack of sleep or work force quickly evaporate.

hot ginger water


When you see the pain on one side or migraines, hot ginger juice rubbed both hands and then squeeze out all around the area for about 15 minutes early pain, the pain will be rapidly decreasing, even fully expendable.


Every morning and evening persistence rinse your mouth with warm ginger water or hot ginger drink several times a day have a protective effect on teeth, preventing tooth decay and effective treatment.

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By: Bella Elinor


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