Eating guidelines for people with low blood pressure

As a common disease and is increasing in modern society, hypotension has been robbing many people's health. Therefore, prevention of disease and its complications remains a prerequisite bring happy life for you.

According to experts, to ensure the health, people with low blood pressure should adhere to the following principles:

– Eat enough meals, especially breakfast. Accordingly, breakfast with foods good for the heart and kinds of juice (added some salt) will help blood flow more easily.

– Eat saltier than normal (10-15g / day). If you have heart disease, consult a doctor before adjusting to this diet.

– Reduce carbon hydrate-rich foods such as rice and bread, potatoes; should not eat too many nutrients such as eggs, fatty meat, fatty milk to avoid obesity. Increase the amount of vegetables, chicken breast and fish meat in the diet.

– Meals should be divided into smaller ones. In the daily diet, you need to add the foods that contain ingredients such as protein, vitamin C and all the vitamins of group B, which are very beneficial to health.

– If low blood pressure due to anemia (common in women), you should increase iron-rich foods such as lean meat, animal liver, black mushrooms, dried mushrooms, celery, vegetables, jute, apple…

Still according to experts, many people have the habit of using queen bee honey to boost health however, people with low blood pressure should limit this. Because, queen bee honey is very good and nutritional, but not everyone can use it. This honey contains substances can reduce the contraction of heart muscle, dilate arteries blood vessels, causing blood pressure to decrease. It also contains insulin, which increases the hypoglycaemic reaction.

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