Fernando Alonso laments “fake” overwhelms and backs 2017 guidelines

Fernando Alonso claims “simulated” overwhelming moves do nothing to help the F1 display and the game can just profit by speedier, additionally requesting autos in 2017.

Wrangle about keeps on twirling over how next season’s shake-up of streamlined and tire rules, which have now been distributed by the FIA, will influence the dashing in the midst of worries from faultfinders that surpassing will diminish as downforce levels increment.

McLaren’s Alonso has upheld the progressions and contended that two exemplary races from the mid-2000s demonstrate all the more surpassing is not as a matter of course’s F1 silver projectile.

“It’s going in the right bearing, we have to make the autos speedier and the autos better,” said the two-time title holder.


“We have been recollecting for the most recent week the race in Imola in [April] 2005 with Michael Schumacher and me. Furthermore, in 2006 with the inverse result. Exceptionally fascinating races, however there were three or four surpasses in the entire race and it’s viewed as one of the best appears.

“So I don’t think we have to put that consideration on the surpassing and taking after autos in light of the fact that before it was as troublesome as it is presently – or significantly more – and the races were extraordinary. We simply require the quickest autos to deliver a decent appear.

“We have to put some clamor in the autos, some great fights, and the huge names battling for the titles. That will enhance the appear.”

While a month ago’s Chinese GP highlighted 128 surpassing moves, the San Marino GPs of 2005 and 2006 – where the essential Alonso-Schumacher duels occurred – are assessed to have included less than 10 on-track goes altogether with none of them for the lead.

In the 2005 race, Alonso and Schumacher spent the last 10 laps inside a large portion of a second of each other, however the Spaniard was not overwhelmed and won by only 0.215 seconds.

That race occurred amid the Bridgestone-Michelin tire war, when the two organizations endeavored to make their mixes as quick and solid as could be expected under the circumstances, yet lately F1 has accused sole supplier Pirelli of making elastic which debases quicker. Subsequently, there is a greater execution contrast amongst old and new tires.


“Unquestionably in nowadays it’s extremely conceivable that the auto that is running sixteenth or seventeenth can overwhelm a Mercedes,” Alonso said. “With new tires out of the pit path you overwhelm them and you pull away – and that is hard to disclose to the general population before the TV.

“The surpassing [moves] are not most likely as genuine as they were some time recently. You don’t should be enlivened by something to do the surpassing or to pick the right minute in the perfect spot. On the off chance that it’s not in this corner, you sit tight for another corner and you pass since they are five seconds slower.”

He included: “We don’t have to put the finger on one thing to enhance the show since when we were having those races with a few overtakings, we were requesting more to enhance the appear. So it’s a consistent need of making news or changing Formula 1 to move forward. As it is currently, once in a while it is excessively fake and the autos are too moderate.”


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