How to punch harder – Boxing Punch 2017

This is quite complete and detailed tutorial how boxers, gladiators or anyone who want to train martial how to have more accurately and punch harder, knockout your competitors immediately.

Before talking about power of the punch, you need to know some basic theory about how the power is created from your body. Then you will learn how to place and use the positions on your body so that all your strength and body weight are effectively transferred into the punch. You will then learn more about punching techniques to figure out how to punch harder. Finally, there will be tips on how to cause maximum damage to your opponent, as if how to punch harder.

How to punch harder

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The basic theory you need to understand about to punch harder

  • Speed is not the strength, but the acceleration

The power of the punch is not only speed, but also a force (or a weight) goes with it. A fast punch is not enough to be a strong punch unless you carry it a little bit more of your body weight..

  • Body movement

Your whole body move in a distance X will make much more powerful punch more than just only moving your arm in distance X.

You have to move your whole body so that you can carry the maximum weight with the punch. The secret here is not to focus on moving your body over great distances. Let’s move all at the same time as a whole.

  • Footwork

The largest muscles in the body will produce the greatest strength. Those who punch with just their arms will never fully get the real power of the punch.

  • Distance

The punch only maximizes strength when it is in range. In particular about the jab, you punch with all the momentum, the maximum straightening, but really your ideal punch line, will be shorter than this maximum distance.

  • Angles

Punching in different angles will give you more chances to hurt your opponent. And of course, the more hurt, the more effective of the punches.

How to punch harder

Flow of energy

  • Foot:

+ Located on the ground with a bit wider shoulder width.

+ At the start, the heel will lift up.

+ When punched, the legs will rotate in the direction of the punch.

+ When you punch continuously, your feet will stay and push in different directions as you roll different fists.

+ Your feet will never leave the ground when you strike a strong punch.

  • Legs

+ The knees are always bent.

+ When punching, your weight will be placed more on your knees that more bent.

  • Hip

+ Spin your hip. Twist them as you punch by your hips

  • Upper body

+ Your body swivels as much as possible, and throws punches from your shoulders.

+ A full body rotation with a short arm open, will punch harder than with a small body rotation with large arm.

+ Do not lean forward. Do not try this. Spin your body instead of doing it.

  • Shoulder

+ Release your shoulder while punching, give the punch more comfortable, save your strength and faster, much stronger

+ Try to raise your shoulders, this will help the punch stronger, because we use more of the shoulder muscles.

  • Arm

+ Your arms should be release.

+ While punching, your arm is just open wide enough to strike the opponent.

+ If your arm open too much, can easily be counterattacked.

+ Do not bend your hands before releasing a punch. It is a sign for your component see that you are about to punch.

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