12 Of The Oldest Universities In The World

A university is the biggest educational institute in any country. Throughout the history of the world we can find many greatest universities and colleges who have a big role in the foundation of modern era of science and technology. In present time we may find thousands of universities across the world. We should know about the background of these universities and also about their history. Here in below article we have give some short details about the oldest and the most ancient universities of the world. Have a look on these universities and know how much old they are and in which age they were found.

1. University of Bologna: 1088

The history of the founding of the oldest university in the world is fascinating: the university first appeared in the form of groups of foreign students called ‘nations’. These foreign students stuck together to avoid punishment for the crimes of their nations, which at the time was a viable threat. Eventually, these groups of ‘nations’ started to form together to create a ‘universitas’, which would afford them greater protection.

Despite Bologna’s alumni including three Popes, and the work of the celebrated author Umberto Eco at the university, Bologna has failed to stay on top of the modern world rankings as Oxford and Cambridge have, and it currently places at around 176 in the QS Rankings. It would appear that age is no guarantee of quality, and that it takes more than just a thousand years of teaching to produce a top university.

2. University of Al Karaouine –Morocco (founded 859 AD)

Morocco’s University of Al Karaouine or Al Quaraouiyine is considered the oldest university in the world, having been established in 859 AD in Fez. It was originally a university for natural science, but in 1957 other subjects such as mathematics and foreign languages were added. This university is considered the oldest continuously-operating degree-granting university in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records.

3. University of Oxford – United Kingdom (founded in 1096)

The world-famous University of Oxford is said to have been founded in 1096, although some of its teaching pre-dates this. Originally studies were held in rented churches and halls but it rapidly developed when Henry II banned students in England from studying at the University of Paris. Over the years it has boasted some famous alumni, including C.S. Lewis, Oscar Wilde and Hugh Grant.

4. University of Paris – France (founded in 1150)

It is unclear exactly when the University of Paris was formed, but it is widely considered to be around 1150. The university was split into 13 different units in 1970 and is often referred to as the College de Sorbonne (founded in 1257).

5. University of Cambridge – United Kingdom (founded in 1209)

Winding rivers, stunning architecture and picturesque bridges, the University of Cambridge is one of the most stunning ancient institutions in the world. It was founded in 1209 by scholars who had left Oxford after a dispute with local people. Academically, the University of Cambridge regularly maintains its position among the best in the world.

6. University of Salamanca – Spain (founded in 1218)

The University of Salamanca is actually Spain’s second oldest university, having been established in 1218. The University of Palencia, the first to be created in 1208-1212, was shut down due to lack of financial support. The stunning buildings of Salamanca once played host to explorer Christopher Columbus. While trying to gain support for discovering a route to the Indies, he presented his case at this university.

7. University of Padua – Italy (founded in 1222)

The University of Padau started in 1222 with around 1,000 students who were mainly from the University of Bologna. The intention was for it to be a university ran by students. They would determine which professors were hired and how much they were paid. Nowadays around 65,000 students take courses here and it ranks in the top 500 in the world.

8.University of Naples Federico II – Italy (founded in 1224)

Located in Italy’s third largest city, the University of Naples Federico II was launched in 1224 by the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, Frederick II. Also featuring in the top 500 universities in the world, the historic institution offers a diverse range of subjects to around 100,000 students.

9. The Siena University – Italy (founded in 1240)

This publicly funded university began in the stunning Tuscany region in Italy in 1240, but originally went by the name of Studium Senese. It currently boasts student numbers of around 20,000, which is half of Siena’s population. The stunning city is a UNESCO World Heritage site, so it is no surprise the area lures 160,000 annual visitors.

10. University of Coimbra – Portugal (founded in 1290)

The University of Coimbra was originally established in 1290 and was relocated a number of times before finding a permanent home in Coimbra. Around 25,000 individuals study in the spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Site today.

11. Sapienza University – Rome, (founded in 1303)

Given its date of founding, it’s no surprise that Sapienza University of Rome has racked up its fair share of Nobel Laureate alumni and professors. In addition to its place as the 11th oldest university in the world, Sapienza was also the first pontifical university, created by Pope Boniface VII.

12. University of Macerata– Italy Founded In 1290

Students studying certain subjects at the University of Macerata will enjoy the feeling of being taught within the old centre of the university, within the ancient medieval walls. For those of us currently enjoying the arctic or aquatic conditions which are washing over America and Western Europe, the thought of studying in a hill town in central Italy with a year round Mediterranean climate might be enough incentive to up sticks and head for the airport.

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